March 16, 2024

Best souvenirs from Krakow – 8 ideas for perfect keepsakes

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When visiting Krakow, it's hard not to fall in love with the city's rich cultural heritage and vibrant atmosphere. And what is a better way to capture the essence of Krakow than by bringing home some of its most iconic tokens? From delectable treats to traditional handicrafts, Krakow offers a treasure trove of keepsakes to suit every taste. Here's a roundup of the best local souvenirs you can find in Krakow.

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Amber jewelry

amber jewelry

Known as the "Gold of the North," amber holds a special place in Polish culture. The nickname may have even got an ancient origin, as these were the Romans who established first trade routes to the far-away barbaric lands at that time. The area of the Baltic seaside became a famous source of high quality amber so local craftsmen became true experts in this field. Krakow boasts an array of amber jewelry, from delicate earrings to intricately carved pendants, making it a perfect souvenir to cherish for years to come.



Poland is famous for its delicious gingerbread, baked according to centuries-old recipes. These sweet treats, often intricately decorated with colorful icing, make for delightful souvenirs or gifts for loved ones back home. With great designs and often packaged in ornate boxes, these gingerbread cookies are not just delicious but also make for beautiful gifts from Christmas markets, as that is traditionally the time when it is served on most Polish tables and bought also as ornaments to be hung on Christmas trees.

“Wawel” chocolate

Indulge your sweet tooth with Krakow's renowned Wawel chocolates. Whether it's the classic chocolate bars or the iconic Kasztanki or Tiki Taki candies, these delectable treats are sure to satisfy any craving. Wawel is one of the oldest chocolate brands in Poland and has its own shops on the main Market Square and Wawel Hill that you can visit before or after our best selling Old Town Tour.

Krówki (Milk Fudge)

Krówki (Milk Fudge)

photo by Piotrus/Wikimedia Commons

Just another iconic sweet from Poland, so common that it can be found everywhere across the country. Wrapped in colorful wax paper (usually picturing cows - ‘krówka’ means ‘a little cow’), krówki are a beloved Polish delicacy that captures the essence of Krakow's culinary heritage. These soft, chewy milk fudge candies are perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings.

Local spirits (not only vodkas…)

polish spirits

photo by Silar/Wikimedia Commons

Raise a toast to your Krakow adventure with a bottle of locally produced liquor. Choose from a wide selection of flavored vodkas, local wines, or the ancient Polish beverage, mead, each offering a unique taste of Polish hospitality. Even if less famous, Polish wines have medieval traditions and the one truly expressing them would be “Srebrna Góra” (“Silver Mountain”), a local Krakow’s vineyard, located on the slopes of the hill that is still the property of Camaldolese monastery. It combines the tradition and the modern knowledge of the winemaking process in a terrific way. Vodka will of course be an excellent choice as well with a myriad of flavors and types - want to know more? From this article you can learn more about the history of this spirit and from this one you will learn how to drink it and what brands to try.

As we mentioned mead, that may be a great option for those looking for totally new experience in a very well-explored wine world as this ancient drink became a bit forgotten curiocity. Well, not here in Eastern Europe! Get a bottle of this unique drink to share with friends and family back home and if you want to know more about the history of mead and what to get exactly, here is an article we wrote about it!

Bolesławiec pottery

Bolesławiec pottery

Admire the beauty and craftsmanship of Bolesławiec pottery, known for its distinctive blue and white designs. From plates and mugs to decorative bowls, these Middle Ages inspired ceramics can give a real touch of Slavic culture to your home and will enrich it with cultural motives.There's something for everyone among Krakow's pottery offerings and if skip the most touristic places, you can count on really good prices.

Polish School of Posters

Polish School of Posters

photo by Curtis Winston/Wikipedia

Dive into Poland’s rich artistic heritage with a visit to the shop selling works of Polish School of Posters. It is the approach of local artists, designing posters for various art events and exhibitions, that became a real trend in post-war Poland. The Polish poster skillfully blended the visual allure of painting with metaphorical expressions, all condensed into the concise format of a poster. Through the incorporation of painterly strokes, distinctive lines, and vivid hues, along with elements of personal flair, wit, and imagination, it blurred the lines between designer and artist, creating a seamless fusion of artistic vision. One of those posters can be a great souvenir, adorning your home, telling a unique story and capturing the spirit of Polish cultural landscape.

Krakow traditional costume

Krakow traditional costume, folk dance

photo by Heather - Flickr/Wikipedia

Embrace Krakow's cultural heritage by taking home a piece of traditional Krakow folk costume. Even if they aren’t really worn everyday these days, they are still widely recognized as a great part of Krakow’s cultural heritage.Today they are worn by folk dancers during their shows or can be used when preparing a wedding outfit. From flowery shawles, embroidered vests to intricately patterned skirts, these pieces are a beautiful reminder of your time in the old Polish capital.

As you explore Krakow's charming streets and vibrant markets, be sure to keep an eye for those delightful souvenirs. We will be happy to show you different perspectives on Krakow on numerous Walkative! tours, so you will visit plenty of places that can be a great source of local souvenirs. Each of them will not only be a reminder of your time in Krakow but a piece of Poland's rich history and culture. So go ahead, search around and bring home a piece of Krakow to cherish forever! And if you want to know more about distinctively Polish things to buy, check out these two articles on local foods and other items to bring back home with you.