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Basic Information
Total time
2 hours
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Meeting point
Forum Square, in front of the temple of Augustus. Look for an orange umbrella.Go to map
Ending point
Tito's Park

Join us for a great introduction to the city of Pula, one of the oldest cities in Croatia whose origins date back to the ancient Roman ages. The rich heritage of Roman architecture makes Pula an outstanding exception among Croatia’s major cities. Its main attraction is the well-preserved Roman amphitheatre, which dominates the centre and hosts concerts and other cultural events especially in summer. 

Our tour focuses both on history and culture and on the modern everyday life of Pula. At a moderate pace, you will also glimpse how it was to live in the ancient Roman colony of Pula.

During this 2-hour-tour you will get the chance to discover all the main sights of Pula such as:

  • Forum Square, 

  • Temple of Augustus, 

  • City Hall, 

  • Arch of Sergii, 

  • Giardini, 

  • Gates of Hercules, 

  • Twin Gates, 

  • Arena, 

  • Tito’s Park, 

and many more…

Meeting Point
Forum Square, in front of the temple of Augustus. Look for an orange umbrella.

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