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Mai 13, 2019

He was born in Kraków, grew up in the mountains to the south on the Slovak border, returned to Kraków for high school and stayed since. Of course, he also studied here at the famous Jagiellonian University… and in 3 different faculties! Which of them has he finished? Well… let’s just leave it at that! 😉
In his free time… Well, he doesn’t really have it! His days are filled with guiding, as it’s his main hobby and passion! So much so, that even after the tour you may end up drinking beer and vodka with him during the unofficial part of the tour. 😉 The only time he’s not guiding is in winter, when he is off for three months backpacking, his second biggest passion. Has beer been mentioned already? Good, ‘cause he really does like it!
There is no exact reason or moment when he decided to become a tour guide — it was simply bound to happen and it did! All that we know is that when you come to Kraków, look for the Walkative! logo and it may be him holding the umbrella. Then, simply join in and enjoy our favorite city on Earth!

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