October 14, 2019

Free walking tours during the Culture Without Barriers Festival

Free walking tours during the Culture Without Barriers Festival

In 2019, we became involved for the second time in the festival called "You Can!" organized by the Culture Without Barriers Foundation.

The Culture Without Barriers Festival has been organized annually since 2013 by the Culture Without Barriers Foundation. The goal of the festival is to integrate people who love culture, art, and science, regardless of their family or economic situation, age, gender, or disability status. It is also an opportunity to raise awareness in Polish society of the needs of people excluded from social and cultural life. In Warsaw in 2019, 55 organizations were involved in the festival, 208 events were organized, and 3607 participants took part. We are proud that we could join this event as Walkative! guides.

During the 7th edition of the festival, we organized and conducted two walking tours. On October 2nd, we organized a tour around Krakowskie Przedmieście, a representative street of Warsaw, with buildings like the Presidential Palace, the main campus of the University of Warsaw, the Holy Cross Church and many more. During the two-hour walk, participants could learn about the history of the street itself, the history of individual buildings, but they could also hear many interesting facts about places along the way.

The second of the walks prepared by us was organized primarily for the blind and took place on October 6th in Warsaw's Mokotów: in Arkadia Park and the Królikarnia Gardens. During the tour, participants had the opportunity to not only thoroughly learn the history of the place, but also see many interesting sculptures. The tour was sprinkled with interesting anecdotes from our guide.

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