World War 2 Museum

150 EUR per group
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Total time
~ 3 hours
English, Polish, Spanish, German
Meeting point
In front of the WW2 Museum in GdańskGo to map

The Museum of the Second World War (WW2M) is the most popular museum in Gdańsk, visited by several hundred thousand visitors each year. The inconspicuous, modern architecture of the tower is the azimuth leading to a huge underground building housing a gigantic exhibition of exhibits, maps, multimedia and graphics. A visit to the M2W is not only a fascinating journey in time and space, but also a valuable history lesson.

A self-guided tour of the M2W’s extensive main exhibition can take between two hours and two days. Numerous thematic rooms and multimedia allow you on the one hand to immerse yourself in history, and on the other hand to get lost in the multitude of themes. The best Walkative! guides who are certified by the WW2 Museum will take you on an interesting journey through the greatest war in the history of mankind, which began in Gdańsk. You will understand how the Treaty of Versailles and Franco’s regime influenced the outbreak of the

war. You will learn about the biggest battles of the war and all the war lines in Europe, Africa, Asia and the 2 Oceans. Dates, facts, names and figures will be combined by the guides of Walkative! into a coherent, harmonious story of tragedy, violence, suffering, destruction, courage and heroism.

You are welcome to arrange a private tour at your convenience of the main exhibition of the WW2M. We recommend a group of up to 10 people (maximum limit is 15 people). The tour of the museum lasts approximately 3h. Our guides are ready to answer your questions, including those that go beyond the subject of the exhibition. The tour price does not include the price of museum tickets. Excursions are not offered on Tuesdays. Call or write for details.

Meeting Point
In front of the WW2 Museum in Gdańsk
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