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May 22, 2019

He was born in a small town of Brody three years before the collapse of the Soviet Union.
When he asked about his birth, his grandma told him that his mum bought Andriy from the grocery store (usually parents in Ukraine tell their children that storks bring kids).
After finishing school he studied Pedagogy, German and English languages as well as foreign literature and for one year school management... Now he likes talking about languages, education and storks in Ukraine
Travelling is Andriy's greatest passion. He visited more than 25 countries. Actively uses hitchhiking. He works as a tour guide works since 2011 (before that he changed 11 short-time jobs). He is a member of Walkative! Team since April 2017 (the very beginning of the project here).
Andriy likes talking. And not only about the city. One day he explains about Julian and Gregorian calendar, the other - about mystical beliefs and superstitions in Ukrainian villages. Other topics avidly discussed by Andriy concern population of storks and geography of their migration, Ukrainian business-startups, stereotypes about Ukraine and its relationships with neighbors, abandoned places, tunnels and ruins, unpredictability of local weather, and much, much more.
Actually it is next to impossible to guess what your discussions with Andriy are going to get you. He is totally unpredictable and creative!

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