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May 13, 2019

Zosia originally comes from a small town beautifully surrounded by limestone rocks, mysterious caves and castles built by her favorite king of Poland, Kazimierz the Great. Brought up in a place like that, she was naturally predestined to become interested in history but… it didn’t happen. In primary school she studied this subject really hard, but only because she received two Fs in the first test, and in high school it wasn’t any better… But then her first, and definitely not last, training course for guides changed this attitude (not that she had much of a choice here ☺).
A funny thing about Zosia is that she became a tour guide a bit accidentally. There was only one English-speaking guide in the region where she comes from, but once such a big group came there that they needed two. ☺ At the beginning, Zosia thought that she was going to be a translator, but then her friend fell ill and… guess what happened! Zosia loved being a tour guide from the start. Since then, she became somewhat addicted to doing guiding courses and now she is a guide in her home region of Krakow-Częstochowa Upland, as well as in the Beskidy Mountains, and, last but certainly not least, in Kraków.
Zosia’s passion for Kraków developed much easier than her passion for history. She came here for her studies and since then has been very strongly attached to the city. She loves it, with its diversity and all the things one can learn about every day. Would you like to learn a couple of them too? Just come and join Zosia on a tour!

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