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May 13, 2019

Although he has a degree in diplomacy, he left foreign affairs when it turned out that a human for him is much more important than raison d’etre — and so he became a psychologist. Born in Wrocław. Humanist by choice. A tour guide with passion. Travels quite a lot by himself. His love of history shines through in his tours, helping people understand how the reality around us has been shaped and what lessons have been learnt from the mistakes of the past. Sometimes, he uses the urban space to lead a kind of historical psychotherapy – to go through the suppressed and inconvenient. No doubt he would be a 19th century Romantic-idealist, convinced that the world can be better, if it were still possible. He loves talking about though stories like Festung Breslau or post war rebuilding. Wrocław for him is most of all a microcosm of cultures.

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