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June 06, 2019

Born in eastern part of Poland in Biała Podlaska in a family of travelers Iga started to travel since she was a little child. Always intrigued by other cultures soon started to learn english language and develop her passion to history and her leadership skills.
In 2011 moved to Warsaw in order to study Spanish culture and language in University of Warsaw and psychology in english later on meanwhile practicing her other hobby which was djing. Studying psychology she met an erasmus student from Spain and as they fell for each other in 2014 she decided to move with him to Almeria – Spain. That was a life changing decision, as she got hooked with spanish culture, language and ... salsa. She was enjoying the Mediterranean Sea, amazing weather, working as a dj in various clubs and attending salsa parties. It needs to be said that Iga loves to dance and has been since she was 5 years old- her mum signed her up to salsa classes. If you’re looking for good parties where you can hear latin music, Iga is the ultimate guide around those places in Warsaw.
As the time was going by she wanted to try working during day for a change and so she started to search for opportunities in the fields connected to languages, as she was already speaking 3 fluently, and history. The perfect offer appeared – she was offered to work as a tourist guide in Palace of Culture and Warsaw and was about the become the unique one in the company that would speak spanish. That meant moving back to Warsaw, but she felt that it was about to be a good decision. Iga started to work as a tourist guide in 2016 and since then it was the unique profession that she would focus on.
As the profession was developing, so as her knowledge about polish history and the general one. If she’s not dancing, nor traveling – she’s reading history books. Iga does not have her favourite time in history as she genuinely thinks everything influenced our world as we can see it nowadays and every single part of it shaped and shapes us as people. Doing tours she can be speaking about history as much as possible and you can feel it that she loves what she does. The energy she receives when she’s with people and wants to give them the knowledge is incredible. Many times she says it does not even feel like working – she transferred her passion into the way of living.

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