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May 22, 2019

She is invariably interested in the world. As early as in kindergarten, she kept asking "why" and even before she got involved in tourism, she dreamed of distant lands. To make her dreams come true, she took up studies in tourism and recreation at Poznań University and soon after she completed the courses she become a tour guide in Poznań and a guide on the Piast Route. Despite the passage of years, work is still her passion, but she also does her best to make people associate a tour guide with their nicest holidays and hours of wandering through history, tradition and entertainment. Therefore, she continually deepens her knowledge not only about the city or a country to which she travels, but also about relationships with other people in order to achieve her goals as best as she can. She has a variety of clients: from branch groups (journalists, university professors, guides from other cities), to young people and adults, to groups of people with disabilities (blind, deaf, in wheelchairs). She guides tourists around Poznań willingly and passionately, because she still treats it as an opportunity to discover new places and facts. She thrives among the greenery of the Botanical Gardens and the Old Market, where she cannot decide if her favorite place is the Przemysł Hill with the castle overlooking it or the cool, baroque interior of the parish church.

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