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June 06, 2019

Justyna is a part of our FreeWalkative Family for over 2,5 years now. As Wroclaw is her birthplace, her love and interest for this city had been growing up from the very young age. She is doing tours in German, which she was learning together with Jewish Studies as her second degree at the local university. This means that she does not only enjoy having constant contact with native german speakers, but at the same time, as you can guess, her favourite tour is the one titled "Jüdisches Breslau und Zweiter Welt Krieg“. During her academic career she lived for one year in Germany, where she was studying (at the University of Potsdam), working and having an internship in the New Synagogue of Berlin. At the moment she is working as an HR Specialist for one of the international companies based in Wroclaw, but she continues her adventure as a tour guide. As she is saying she finds this job much more interesting compared to endless office hours. Being a tour guide gives her a lot of joy, positive energy and the sense of on-going self-development. In her free time she is practicing tap-dance, yoga or hanging out with her friends.

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