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May 22, 2019

Łukasz is one of the first Walkative! guides in Wroclaw. His life began in the mid-‘80s in Wrocław and he spent his youth years committed to studying difficult things. He became a student at the local university and, after graduating with a degree in history, he decided to move to Kraków to continue improving his knowledge at Jagiellonian University. After spending two years in Kraków and slowly getting to explore the opportunities offered by free tours, he started doing tours by his own after returning to his hometown.
As he is a historian, he is a bartender too - well that’s the fate of most historians these days. The biggest interest he has right now is beer. But not the regular lager. He is into the craft beer revolution. Ales, Stouts, IPA’s, barley wines and sour beers are not just some abbreviations or words, they’re something that have become a big part of his life. He used to work in all the important craft beer pubs in Wrocław, and did some guest shifts in other cities. If he starts to talk about beer during the tour, just stop him! He can keep going all day long. Besides beer he also likes street art and computer games.

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