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May 13, 2019

Born and raised in the Royal Capital City of Kraków. She studied cultural studies at the prestigious Jagiellonian University.
She would once wander where her place in the world is. Walking through the streets of Kraków she would ask herself: “What can I do? I love my city, I love studying history, I love meeting people, I love walking, I can speak a couple of foreign languages…”
She will always remember that cold and sunny morning of March 2014. She was walking, with her head full of questions, and suddenly she saw him - a very funny guy. He had long blond hair, a beard and a pilot-ish hat. That Walkative! tour guide was explaining to his tourists Krakow’s history, but in a special and funny way – she was amazed!
All of a sudden, everything was clear! Magda did the guiding course to become a professional tour guide and then joined the Walkative! Team.

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