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May 13, 2019

Navia was born in 1982 in northeastern Poland and, after attending a three-year teaching school, moved to Kraków in 2004 to study at Jagiellonian University. She earned her master’s degree from the History of Religions Department in 2010 and at the same time became a licensed Kraków guide, which was preceded by taking a one-year guiding course and passing the state exam.
For some time she worked as a freelance Polish-English interpreter dealing mostly with academic articles. Navia joined Walkative! team in 2013.
She enjoys dancing, playing board games, eating chocolate, reading (especially fantasy and sci-fi), and learning anything new. She is especially interested in archaeology, history, biology, and evolutionary psychology. Since 2006, Navia has been living in Kazimierz (the Jewish district of Kraków), sharing a flat with a cat named Mouse.

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