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May 22, 2019

True Poznanian’s Potato person as we call people originally born in Poznań. For years she has been travelling across Europe, planning her trips a few times per year. For her first free walking tour in Poznań she went together with Bolivian friend and one year later joined the team herself. She loves contact with people, multicultural aspect of tours and element of surprise as you never know who is going to join your tour! An artist by profession, a guide by passion. In Poznań she has her favourite districts and places and many things to say about them. Poznan galleries and museum have no secrets for her. She likes talking about old Poznań full of different religious and nationalities and her favourite street in the Old Town is the Jewish Street. She knows English, German and sometimes she can get out few words in Portuguese. After two years of living abroad she returned to her city, where she values a lot openness and Poznan way of doing things, always in the right way, of course. Poznań is a kind of small Berlin with Jeżyce district instead of Kreuzberg and Freedom Parade, cool KontenerART place at the Warta River and top restaurants to try different cuisines. In case you will join her tour, you can be sure that she will recommend the best place to eat cheesecake. See ya!

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