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May 13, 2019

2014. The year that changed Max's life completely. Why? Because that's when he came to Poland. In Kraków, he fell in love. Twice. First, with the city and its atmosphere. Second, with a girl who was studying here. He moved to Kraków because of the second reason. But it was the first reason that made him stay in our city till today. And start to learn things about the Polish culture.
Max has always been passionate about history, travelling, and languages. Why these three things? Because that's the only way to understand and fully experience other cultures. That's why his tour is a combination of the three things mentioned above. His tour is factual and precise, but don't be surprised to have a lot of interaction, local stories, and Max's own opinions. He strongly believes that a tour shouldn't be just a lesson of history but first of all it's an experience of a local person, of a person who's an organic part of the city. So as Max says, “My job is to show and present Kraków to you the way even Mr. Google can not!”

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