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May 13, 2019

Born and raised in Kraków, after finishing school Natalia enrolled at the Jagiellonian University to study History. However, she soon decided she would rather memorize words than dates, went for a degree in Indian Philology instead, and came back to history only while doing the guiding courses in the city of Krakow and her most favourite museum, Rynek Underground. That’s why she will only tell you interesting stories - she didn’t bother to learn too many dates herself!
She studied Hindi and Sanskrit, guides in English and German, and, as though it wasn’t enough messing up with languages, she tries learning some more - she can have at least a basic conversation in Spanish, French, and Farsi, but would still like to learn something more exotic when she has more time (she keeps believing the lie that such a moment will come).
Three years of working experience at the Tourist Information got her used to the weirdest questions a tourist may ask, however you might take a challenge and try to surprise her with your questions…

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