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May 13, 2019

Patrycja’s parents were always urging her to learn languages. It was easy for her, so that’s how she ended up speaking fluently English, Spanish and Italian. But what the parents didn’t predict was that if she learns all these languages, it will be difficult to keep her in one place. Consequently she went to live for one year in Seville, Spain and later another one in Florence, Italy. Since then she had to learn how to share her heart between multiple places she visited and all the amazing people she met during her trips.
Nevertheless, Warsaw is still the city she knows the best, that she understand, where she was born and grew up. That’s why giving tours gives her such a joy - she can share her knowledge and passion about her city and still meet people from all around the world with whom she can exchange experiences. It’s a bit like travelling without moving anywhere!
Patrycja always does too many things at once and tries to make the best use of every minute of her life. She studied philology and cultures so you can certainly chit-chat with her about literature, cinema, theatre, art, music… She can help you to understand her country and her city better, so don’t hesitate to ask her about Polish history or hidden gems of Warsaw. She loves people and she always tries her best to make her tours special for every single person that takes part in them.

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