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May 13, 2019

A huge fan of Kraków, ready to stay there to the very end and then one day after. Graduated with an MA in History and a BA in Journalism, both done in 8 years at Jagiellonian University. His family comes from the Nowa Huta (communist) district, but he was born in the small town of Dębica about 100 km from Kraków.
As a student, he was a local radio journalist with great passion for cinema and soundtracks, and he is still addicted to computer games (ask him about The Witcher 3, the 2016 Game of The Year and how much of it you can find in real-life Poland).
A true old-school guy — when he travels, he prefers to go on foot, ride a bicycle or, in the worst case, to hitch-hike. So that's how he rode on a bike from Poland to Crimea and walked over the frozen Lake Baikal. But things he is proud of today — guiding the Communist Tour on the coldest and hottest days in a year; taking part as a Marshal in the annual Ride For the Living thanks to Jewish Community Centre in Kraków; and brewing his own beer (so don't ask where to find the best pint, of course he will tell you about his own...).

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