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May 13, 2019

Szymon was born in Krakow and grew up in different places across Poland. He studied in Krakow, changing faculties and universities couple of times... he eventually managed to graduate from some of them. In 2012, he became a tour guide after passing the most stressful exam of his life (the first one being the driving license exam.)
Szymon likes learning languages and apart from being a tour guide he also works as a Polish-Hungarian translator and interpreter. Other than Hungarian and English he also speaks Russian, Greek, a bit of Ukrainian and Portuguese. He is also interested in history. Another one of his passions is traveling, this is actually so strong that he needs to make a really big effort not to travel too much.
Szymon joined Walkative in November 2018, having been given the unique opportunity to do what he enjoys (talking to people who will listen to him) and, at the same time, to make money doing it. He will be very happy to show you this beautiful city.

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