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May 13, 2019

Szymon was born and raised in Kielce in central Poland in 1987. After finishing one of the oldest and best high schools in Poland in 2005 (he was a horrible, horrible student), he decided to go to Wrocław to study, as it seemed a more interesting place than Kraków and Warsaw. He fell in love with the city and decided to stay. In that time he studied philosophy and journalism (if you have some philosophical doubts, he should know how to help). As with many young people, he tried many different jobs as a gardener, clerk, and working for security and catering companies. After getting an MA in philosophy, and a short and shameful period of boring jobs in marketing and PR, he decided to focus on what he loves most: art and history. This is how he became a guide in his beloved city. He passed his licensing exam and has worked with us ever since. Right now, Szymon is a tour guide in Wrocław and a mountain guide in the Sudeten Mountains. He also writes for the Lower Silesia Chamber of Construction Engineers’ quarterly magazine. Sounds weird? Well, Szymon really knows a lot about modern constructions in Wrocław, its architecture, and is most happy to share his knowledge. He got much experience as a guide and earned the reputation as a good storyteller, as well as a friendly, funny person (if you like really dry sense of humor). His hobbies include mountaineering and travelling, but he's also a bookworm and fan of alternative music. In his career as a guide, he has worked with many different types of people — businessmen, elderly people, students, families, regular backpackers, rovers airmen, prosecutors, as well as special groups like young children or disabled persons.

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