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Walkative!Big Tom "Calen"
May 13, 2019
Big Tom “Calen”

Tomasz is his name but he has many nicknames - Calen, Big Tom, The Giant. The one and only 2 metre (6ft7) guide in Kraków.

Born & raised in Kraków. Baptised in the Wawel archcathedral. Educated at a secondary school with extended historical profile. Finally graduated history from Jagiellonian University. Thesis subject - surprise, surprise - Kraków.
Huge fan of British comedy, Białowieża Forest and coffee. He is not afraid of a good laugh, English language and his own children. He guided them along life 24/7 even before becoming part of Walkative! Team.
In 2015 he ran his very 1st tour and it all went well.
What does guiding mean for him?
Being blessed by meeting people from all around the world on a daily basis.
Feeding endless curiosity about the world and different perspectives.
Passion and need to understand where we come from.
Always questioning myths and black-and-white stories.
Satisfaction you can get from a genuine understanding which comes from facts, not delusions.
Finally historical research that will never end.

He's going to make you excited and fascinated about Kraków as much as he is. And he's going to keep doing this forever.
Speech is instinctive for him so just start the tour and let's see where you go with that.

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