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May 13, 2019

As she loves to learn new languages, she decided to study 3 of them: English, German and Spanish. But she quickly realized that speaking many languages fluently is useless when you have nothing to talk about — that’s why she completed a tour guiding course a couple of years ago. Since she was born and bred in Warsaw, she found no better option than showing her beloved city to foreign tourists. Apparently dream jobs exist! She’s extremely talkative, and so keeps repeating that no job suits her better. Talking to people who have to listen to you? Splendid! However, you shouldn’t hesitate to interrupt, ask and discuss — comments are always welcome.
Unexpectedly, she loves to travel. The more active, the better — cycling trips, hiking in the mountains. Lying on the beach? Absolutely not for her! Moreover, she’s interested in art history and will gladly recommend you museums worth visiting. Very much fond of Polish literature and music — wanna get to know a cool band you’ve surely never heard about? Just ask!

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