Holocaust traces in Kraków

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in front of Ethnographic Museum, 1 Wolnica Square or pick up from your hotel if it is near Jewish DistrictGo to map

Often, people associate the Holocaust only with gas chambers and death camps. But Jews were persecuted and killed throughout the entire territory of occupied Poland – and Kraków was no exception. The Second World War and the Nazi German occupation left its bloody mark on this seemingly charming city, and it is still possible to trace the horrors of the Holocaust here.

Before the war, Kraków was home to a large and vibrant Jewish community. Nearly a quarter of the city’s population was Jewish. Their lives seemed entwined in the city forever. Just like everyone else, Jewish Cracovians had their hopes, dreams, ideas, and plans for the future. All of them were crushed by the war and the occupation.

This will be the story of the persecution and mass killing of Kraków Jews. Walk with us through the streets of the former Kraków ghetto to find out more about wartime life, the desperate struggle to survive, and the destruction of Kraków’s Jewish community. Hear the story that has to be told. The one that should never be forgotten.

On this 2 hours’ Walkative! TOUR you will see:

  • WWII Jewish Ghetto

  • Podgórze Main Square

  • Eagle Pharmacy – from outside 

  • Ghetto Wall

  • Schindler’s Factory – from outside 

  • and much more…!

Final point: Schindler’s Factory Museum, Lipowa Street 4

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