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St Paul’s Station (Exit 2) - look for the guide with a yellow umbrella!
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London is, without any doubt, one of the most electrifying cities in the world. Culture and art, music and theatre, history and museums, its dizzying pace and diversity form a fabulous mix comparable to very few places on this planet. Visit with us the most iconic sights, learn the city’s history and feel its unique vibe!

Like many cities in Europe, it all started seriously here with the Romans. Despite not being exactly loved by the locals, they were the ones who settled a village called Londinium by the River Thames. Thus, today’s City of London came to be. Already in the 11th century it has grown into one of the most important and populous cities in Europe, with traders from all corners of the world pouring in: Danes, Germans, Gascons, Flemish, Italians and Jews, all looking for business opportunities. Merchant and artisan guilds were growing ever stronger, gradually buying themselves freedoms from kings who were in constant need of gold. Recognizing the city’s importance, the Norman rulers picked nearby Westminster as the location for their residence and founded the enormous Westminster Abbey, a church which was second to none across the entire Europe. And so the dualism of London came about – with the ancient City being the mercantile centre and Westminster being the seat of rulers. The reign of the House of Tudors proved to be a turning point for London – England shifted into Protestantism, a process during which all the Catholic Church property was seized and ended up in private hands. This accelerated business and commerce activities, opening a way for conquering markets in the New World and building powerful companies like East India. England and its capital were becoming a superpower. Soon, London started to play a key role in the world’s economy, controlling most of the trade with India and the Americas and becoming an international financial centre – a position it occupies until the present day. The great wealth that flowed into the city manifested itself in its cultural grandeur – London’s artistic society included celebrities such as William Shaekspere, the world’s greatest dramatist and later Handel, Haydn and Mozart. The strong concentration of talent, progressive mindset and innovations quickly paved the way for the Industrial Revolution. London became the largest city in the world, its streets filled with shops, department stores, teahouses, coffee houses, textile factories and innumerable crowds of people. This however had a dark side – work and living conditions worsened beyond imagination, London’s inhabitants suffered from diseases, air and water pollution, alcoholism and hunger. Its streets were beset by crime and vice, haunted by individuals such as Jack the Ripper. All that forced reforms and London was soon transforming into a modern city and becoming a hotbed for intellectuals from all over the world, discussing everything from politics and economy up to philosophy and culture. Recovering from wars, especially the damages caused by World War II, London started to become the most diverse city in the world, with immigrants pouring in from all corners of the former Commonwealth and beyond.

Discover the very core of London with us. The place that for centuries has been the base of England’s commercial and financial power. See its ancient origin, which until the present day is considered officially the “City of London.” This is where the clear division between East End and West End goes – East End is where the working class lived, West End those much more privileged. And in the middle of it all is the City – the hub of trade, crafts, and money. Walk with us from St. Paul’s Cathedral, a place that has seen many important events: Queen Elisabeth birthdays and funerals of Sir Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher, among others. Pass the iconic Tower Bridge to hear about the city’s relationship with the river which was always connecting London with the world and was its oldest highway, just like in Venice, providing an easy way to get around. The old London Bridge for centuries was the only crossing and like a heart pumping life into a body it was pumping money and wealth into the City. The old bridge, cluttered with shops and houses to the limits of breaking, was the site of many disasters, remembered even in the popular nursery rhyme – hence today it does not look its old self. Walk up to the Tower of London, a place where many famous heads were chopped off and where notorious king Henry VIII imprisoned his many wives. See the Royal Exchange which provided the basis of all the financial operations: this is the place where merchants from all over the world would set deals, exchange news and gossip. Walk past the Bank of England, founded once to sponsor England’s wars and remains today as a central bank of the United Kingdom. Despite many centuries having passed the City still keeps some of its original functions: the city governors and the Lord Mayor of London still live here, at Mansion House and the most beautiful market in London is located here – at Leadenhall. 

Join us and get to know this ever-changing area that helped pave England’s way to dominate the entire world. Join us to explore 2000 years of fascinating history of the City and understand its role in forming the British Empire and its culture.

During this tour you will see:

  • St Paul’s Cathedral

  • London Bridge

  • Tower Bridge

  • The Tower

  • Bank of England

  • Leadenhall Market

…and much more!

Additional Important Information
  • professional local guide 
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This tour is organized in cooperation with our local partner, See The Sights Tours!

  • Meeting Point: St Paul’s Station (Exit 2) – look for the guide with a yellow umbrella!
  • Start Time: Participants are expected to show up 5 min before the start time.
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Meeting Point
St Paul’s Station (Exit 2) - look for the guide with a yellow umbrella!

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