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Walkative!The best guide I've ever had
January 16, 2020
The best guide I’ve ever had

We've visited Free Walkative tours in Gdansk and Wroclaw and already knew that the most interesting excursions are in Polish 🙂 So in Krakow we knew that we had to choose the Polish guide and we hit the bull's eye. (...) Unfortunately, we were 5 min late and didn't hear the name of the guide, I think he was Martin (sorry if you read this :)). But if you see a guy with a piercing in the nose, in a bomber hat and in a jacket of the forestery officer - this is him, catch him and beg for an excursion! (...) Some guys at the street shouted us that he is the best, and this is the pure truth! He is the source of humour and good mood. The excursion was around 3,5 hours but for us it passed like 30 minutes. (...) The excursion included the whole Old town with different military buildings, churches, museums, cathedrals and Wawel castle. You won't find better offer!

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