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Walkative!World War 2 Tour with Big Tom
May 07, 2019
World War 2 Tour with Big Tom

Prior to this tour my knowledge of WW2 was pretty basic other than films. 
I can say, I was privileged to have gone on this tour. The knowledge, the passion, the overall enthuisiasm of the tour guide 'Big Tom' made my 2 1/2hrs of Polish history so enjoyable and memorable. 
Where the tour started has a more poignant meaning as I was present at a memorial to the Polish Officers killed/murdered at the beginning of WW2 at Katyn - this was endorsed by the attendance of the Polish President. 
The 2 1/2hrs flew by and if you were to do just one free walking tour then I'd recommend this one.
Tom, thank you for your passion and keep up the good work!

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