March 02, 2021

Touring during COVID-19 pandemic – how do we operate?

Despite the pandemic you want to see the city with a guide? You can always count on us! We are in our positions ready to guide you around and do all we can to keep everyone safe. There are several options you can pick from. Take a look at this short article to find out more.


First of all a word about the top-down rules: according to governmental regulations wearing masks is obligatory in all public spaces, streets, shops, museums etc. On all our tours we maintain a strict sanitary regime: groups are limited in line with current government recommendations in given countries, wearing masks is obligatory both by the guide and the tourists, keeping necessary social distance is also obligatory. We collect the data of our tourists to be able to notify them in case someone from the group or the guide is infected. 

Private Tours

To make sure groups are as small as possible we strongly recommend taking private tours. We offer promotional prices, you can find the price list here. Our guides speak many languages, yours most probably as well! Contact our office at: to discuss your options and know more. 

Free Tours

If you decide to join our regular free tours please remember that it is necessary to book your spot. The number of places on the free tours is very limited. If there are no spots available on our website it means all places were booked. Please note that if there are no bookings for a given tour the guide will not be waiting on the meeting point.

Live Virtual Tours

Besides the regular and private tours we also offer live virtual tours. You can join our expert guides on a virtual walk of your choice, connecting with us from any place on earth! Pick anything from our regular offer or simply let your imagination run wild, give us a hint what interests you most - we will deliver! This option is perfect both for individuals and groups. You will follow the guide, be able to engage in conversation with him or her and ask questions. Almost as if you were on a real tour. Contact us at: to know more and to book.

Stay safe folks and hopefully see you soon!

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