July 27, 2019

Training at the Polish Vodka Museum

Training at the Polish Vodka Museum

As guides, we must be up to date with everything that is happening in Warsaw. It’s important for us to know and be able to recommend attractions available to tourists in the city. Therefore, on our list of places visited in 2019, we put the Polish Vodka Museum opened a few months earlier.

During the training at the museum, we had access to all attractions offered to the tourists. In the museum cinema we saw a movie about the history of Polish vodka and met former employees of the vodka factory. At the interactive exhibition, we could see a map presenting the history of vodka, create our own vodka by adding various ingredients on a virtual board, or learn about the effects of consuming different amounts of alcohol by setting up regulated alcohol goggles. At the end of the tour, we tasted three types of Polish vodka to make sure that not every vodka tastes exactly the same 😉 During the visit, the museum staff  accompanied us all the time, patiently and exhaustively answering questions and sharing curiosities about our national drink.
Visiting the entire museum took about an hour. So this is not one of the largest museums in Warsaw, but after our visit we can definitely say that it is one of the best made ones. The amount of interesting information and knowledge we have gained from the training allows us to recommend this place. It's really worth visiting!

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