Treblinka Extermination Camp

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Just 100 kilometres from Warsaw lies a place that became the final destination of many Jewish people from Poland and Europe. Most of Warsaw Jews would be transported and gassed there. The scale of crime and mass murder committed in Treblinka by the Nazis is unimaginable. On a perimeter of less than 2000 feet within 14 months approximately 750 000 – 870 000 people were killed. How it happened, how the process of killing was carried out, survivors account, the historical background – all that is covered by our tour.

During the tour you will:

  • Listen the historical introduction: the history of Jews in the former Poland, Hitler’s rise to power and changes in Germany leading to the Holocaust.

  • Visit the museum with the exhibition presenting the II World War, organisation and the history of the camp.

  • See the film interview with the Last Survivor – Samuel Willenberg.

  • Walk through the area of the former camp to see 17.000 stones commemorating around 900 000 people murdered there.

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