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Marka Walkative!
Walkative! powstało w 2007 roku za sprawą grupy lokalnych pasjonatów. Dziś wycieczki Walkative! spotkać można w 7 krajach i 15 miastach a nasza działalność spotyka się z entuzjazmem, który pozwala nam ubiegać się o tytuł najlepszej firmy organizującej wycieczki miejskie na całym świecie!
Doceń nas!
Wierzymy w to, że ciężka praca powinna być doceniona. Na naszych wycieczkach dajemy Wam wybór - tu nie ma stałej ceny, to Wy decydujecie o jej wartości. Uważamy, że to uczciwa umowa! Co więcej a każda Wasza wpłata pomaga nam się rozwijać i przygotowywać coraz lepsze spacery!
Nasza misja:

Wspomaganie lokalnego
rynku turystycznego i promocja świadomego zwiedzania.

Edukacja wspierająca wzajemne
zrozumienie między ludźmi z całego świata.

Promocja naszych miast
na świecie.

Pielęgnowanie lokalnych tradycji
i kultury.
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The Beginnings
It all started in Kraków with a group of young local enthusiasts. Back in 2007, Walkative! was a side job for a few students. Today you can meet us in Kraków, Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, Łódź, Lublin, Toruń, Bydgoszcz, Zakopane and Lviv. In Poland and Ukraine. Every single day, we guide countless tours and give countless people a chance to learn, have fun, cry and think. We give them countless memories.
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Who We Are
We are genuine locals. Joining our tours, you will never be guided by a person who has just arrived in town, learnt a script and went out to show visitors around. We are professional tour guides. We believe we are true ambassadors for our cities. It may sound a little cocky, but we are amazing storytellers. And there is one more thing – we simply love guiding you. When you talk to our guides, they will all agree that this is their dream job. This is something that shines through every tour they lead.
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How We Work
Using any scripts is against our beliefs - our guides are thinking individuals with their own ideals, expertise, thoughts and feelings. They are showing you their cities. That is why every tour - even the same one - can be different depending who is leading it. You can take the same tour and each time see the city in a different way, through different eyes. What we strongly believe in is a personal touch.
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Question Everything
Our tours evolve. Thanks to your curiosity, we constantly ask ourselves: Do we understand everything enough? Do we challenge ourselves enough? You empower us to improve every single time. On each of our tours many questions are raised, both by the guide and our guests. Keep on doing that as we pursue a wider understanding and broader perspective. There is no development when you don’t question everything. So please do, and not only during tours. We guarantee that when you get back home, you will actually still think about what you experienced in our cities. You might also want to return someday. Trying to understand the world around us leads us to our desire to make it a better place.
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Changing the World around Us
We believe that any action you take can change the world, even if it is done on a small scale. We consider being a guide a very impactful job, and we want to shape our future and future of our cities. That is why we put our hearts and minds in what we are doing. This is also why we do not only focus on guiding. Our company is socially active and engages in urban projects. We voluntarily guide school groups, put plaques on historically important, but forgotten, buildings and places, we fight to recognise people we believe were significant for our cities and we want their voices to be heard. We want to change and positively influence the places where we live and raise awareness about the issues important to us.
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