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Communist Tirana

20 EUR
Basic Information
Total time
3 hours
Meeting point
At the steps in front of the Opera House, left side, Skenderbej square. Look for the guide with the "Tirana Free Tour" blue badge.
Walking Tour,
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Discover a country that experienced an extreme form of communism, similar to North Korea, with an omnipresent secret police, travel bans, total state control over individuals, and a brutal policy of state-enforced atheism that left Albania as an atheist country today. Our knowledgeable guides will introduce you to the realities of life under the iron grip of Enver Hoxha, the infamous communist dictator who led Albania into isolation and left an indelible mark on the nation’s identity.

The tour takes you through the streets of Tirana, providing insights into the country’s turbulent past and unveiling the remnants of the regime that shaped Albania for nearly five decades. You’ll enter BUNK’ART 2, a once-secret nuclear bunker that served as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during Hoxha’s rule, now transformed into a museum recounting the terror and omnipresent control of the secret police as well as a contemporary art gallery. Learn about the dictator’s obsession with constructing thousands of bunkers across the country, an enduring testament to the paranoia that defined his rule.

As you traverse the city, the Tirana Communist Tour will help you understand what made Albania’s communist experience unique and distinct from other Eastern European countries, such as Poland or Yugoslavia. Through captivating stories and immersive experiences, you’ll gain a new appreciation for the resilience and spirit of the Albanian people who lived through this dark chapter in their history.

Only by comprehending Albania’s communist past can we truly understand its present-day capitalist society and the challenges the country faces as it continues to evolve. Join us on this unforgettable 3 hours journey as we explore the following highlights:

  • BUNK’ART 2 (interior, ticket included in tour price)

  • Blloku District

  • The Ministry of Defense 

  • Monument of the Unknown Soldier

  • National Museum of History 

  • National Palace of Culture

  • Former Headquarters of the Albanian Communist Party

Additional Important Information
  • professional local guide 
  • Entry ticket to BUNK’ART 2
  • coffee break
Ticket Message

This tour is organized in cooperation with our local partner, Tirana Free Tour.

  • Meeting Point: At the steps in front of the Opera House, left side, Skenderbej square. Look for the guide with the “Tirana Free Tour” blue badge.
  • Start Time: Participants are expected to show up 5 min before the start time.
  • There is no need to print your booking confirmation.

Thank you for choosing Walkative & Tirana Free Tour! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Meeting Point
At the steps in front of the Opera House, left side, Skenderbej square. Look for the guide with the "Tirana Free Tour" blue badge.

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