Our tours are mainly organised for individual tourists, although we do group tours as well. Our goal is to provide these in the fairest way possible. When you join our tour, you are the one who decides how much they are worth. Our guides are local professionals who love their cities and enjoy talking about them. When you join us, you can be sure that you will discover the city in the most enjoyable and informative way possible.
During most of our tours, we walk. Anyone feeling ready to walk for 2-3 hours (that is the average length of our tours) is welcome. Additionally, the tours are easy paced with frequent stops. From time to time, there will be places to sit. We can easily say that the tours are good for everybody.

If you have any complaints and suggestions, please contact our office at: info@walkative.eu

First of all, you need to be an expert on the city where you plan to guide. Having a guiding license would be an asset. If not, after we hire you we will require having one. The other important thing is knowledge of local language – we demand that our guide have at least a B2 level of local language. Of course, excellent knowledge of language you want to guide in is necessary.
You can do it in exchange places (called kantors in Polish), just ask your guide where the best place to do so is. The other way is to simply withdraw money from an ATM. Make sure to check with your bank or credit card company before your trip to get advice about exchange rates, the best ATMs/banks to use, etc.
In general, it is very safe, especially in city centres and historical areas. There are some places that are less safe, but tourists usually do not go there.
It depends when you are planning to visit Poland! During winter, it can get really cold (even up to -15C), summers are hot (up to 30C). Spring is rainy and can be chilly. Late autumn as well. It is best to check your weather forecast before your arrival.
In city centres, there usually are easy-to-find public toilets. If you are not sure where they are, you can always ask your guide. You need to be ready to pay around 2-3 PLN to use them. The good thing is they are usually pretty clean.
In order to guarantee a spot on a free tour, please book online. It helps us greatly to organise the service, thank you!
It depends on the city. Please select the place you are going and check the updated schedules.
It is against our policy to suggest how much the tip should be, as it is completely voluntary. We can say how much things cost in our country though, to give you some ideas. If you want to have a coffee, you will pay around 6-8 PLN for an americano or flat white, around 10-13 for a latte. A regular lunch costs about 30 PLN, beer around 8-10 PLN. If you want to take your loved one for a nice dinner you need to be ready to pay around 250 PLN. If you want to add the movies, it will cost you around 60 PLN for two. We hope this will help!
Meeting points for every tour are well described on the website; we always put maps there to show you where you need to be to find us. Additionally, we always use places and landmarks that are easy to find.
Meeting points for every tour are well described on the website; we attach maps to show you where you need to be to find us. You can ask your ho(s)tel staff how to get there, send us an email at info@walkative.eu or contact us at (+48) 513 875 814 and we will help you.
Our guides can be easily recognised by their yellow umbrellas with our Walkative! logo. You can also easily identify your group by the flag on the umbrella indicating the tour language. This is how umbrellas look like: 
During the free tours, we usually don’t enter buildings and churches. When we do, there is no mandatory payment. Please remember that if you wish to go into places of worship in warmer months, you should bring a shawl to cover your shoulders or/and knees.
If you are running late please contact our staff at (+48) 513 875 814 and they will try to help you find your group.  
Our tours run no matter the weather. High or low temperatures, rain or snow is not a reason for us to cancel our tours. We are always here for you. The only reason for cancellations are extreme weather conditions (like heavy storms…) or guide's sudden sickness, but we will always let you know using the data you provided during registration for the tour.
In this case, please contact our staff at info@walkative.eu or check the schedule closer to your planned arrival. We change our schedules seasonally and that is sometimes the reason why you can’t find what you need for making plans so far in advance.
Well, sometimes it happens that the tour you are interested in taking is not scheduled when you are visiting our cities. But this shouldn’t stop you! Please contact our staff, we will be able to organise a private tour for you.
It depends on the city. Usually we guide regular free tours in English, but most our cities have tours in Spanish too. In some, we also guide in German, Polish or Italian. Please search for your city on our website to see the detailed schedule and languages. If you can’t find exactly what you need, please contact us and we’ll be able to help you out and organise private tour in your language. Some of our guides know even really rare ones!
It doesn’t matter how many people show up. We do our free tours even for one or two people. There is no minimum number for free tours. Minimum numbers apply only for some of our paid tours.
Our free tours give you a complete freedom. You can leave tour before it ends. We will work tirelessly to make sure you stay till the end though! If you need to leave earlier and wish to tip your guide, please don’t hesitate to do so when it’s most convenient for you! 
It really depends on the tour. Please check the description of the tour that you are interested in taking for details.
Our free tours are designed for individual travellers and small groups (fewer than 7). If you are with a larger group, please contact our staff to organise a private tour.
The only way our guides earn money during free tours are through tips. We don’t get paid by the city, state or anyone else. How much guides earn is totally up to our guests. They are the ones who decide how much the tour was worth and through tips they evaluate the guide’s work.
We produce our maps only for the enjoyment of our guests to make sure their visits to our cities are easy and productive. They are given only during our tours and exclusively to our guests. Please ask your guide to get one.
You can get our own-designed map exclusively in the end of our the tours in most of our cities.
Many tours will have a toilet/refreshment break, especially when it is very cold or very hot. Not all of the tours have them, though. You can always ask your guide to make one or to show you the way to nearest restroom.
Most of our tours are accessible for people with disabilities and on wheelchairs. Unfortunately, not all of them are as sometimes there are stairs, you have to climb hills, etc. and there is not much we can do about it. To make sure ask our staff.
Please ask your guide and do so only if he/she permits.
Yes, we pay taxes from every tip you give us. You will see that every guide carries a cash register with him/her and will be happy to provide you with a receipt on request.

Our paid tours, unlike the private tours, run according to fixed schedule, but, differently than free tours, they have a fixed price per participant. These are mostly museum tours and specialist, longer walking tours that can involve additional costs like public transportation or museum tickets.

Yes we do! If you are interested in organising such a tour, please contact our staff to book it.