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Explore Liverpool’s top attractions

Located on the west coast of England, Liverpool is a picturesque port city on the River Mersey. Music lovers mainly associate it with the band The Beatles, and football fans with Liverpool and Everton football clubs. But what attractions are worth visiting while in Liverpool? First of all you should head to two impressive cathedrals: the Anglican and the Roman Catholic. The former is a neo-Gothic building from the early 20th century, while the latter is a real gem of post-modern architecture.

Perhaps Liverpool’s most interesting attraction is however the Maritime Mercantile City. These are six separate locations that were listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites between 2004 and 2021. The first of these is the Pier Head harbour, made up of buildings known as The Three Graces. The largest of these is the Royal Liver Building with its two distinctive towers topped by statues. These represent the so-called liver birds, which are the symbol of the city and from which it takes its name.

The second location forming the Maritime Mercantile City is the Albert Dock. It houses several museums – including The Beatles Story, the Slavery Museum and the famous Tate Liverpool art gallery. Here you can admire works such as Rodin’s Kiss, Picasso’s Weeping Woman and Mondrian’s Composition with Yellow, Blue and Red. The other four locations belonging to the Maritime Mercantile City are the Stanley Dock Conservation Area, the so-called Ropewalks, where the city’s oldest buildings are located, the commercial centre, and the Cultural Quarter with its numerous cultural centres. It is here that, among others, the beautiful Liverpool Empire Theatre is located.

What else is there to see on a tour of Liverpool?

Whether you prefer to visit museums, admire historic buildings or walk in the footsteps of famous people, a tour of Liverpool will give you plenty of excitement. If you’re interested in the latter option, be sure to take a walk through the Beatles’ sites. You will see the famous music club The Cavern, as well as the family homes of Paul McCartney and John Lennon. For lovers of art we recommend (in addition to the aforementioned venues) visiting the Victoria Gallery & Museum. It will also appeal to architecture lovers, as it is housed in a beautiful neo-Gothic building.

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If you’re planning a trip to Liverpool, be sure to take a walking tour with a local guide. That way you won’t miss out on any of the city’s highlights. On the Walkative! website, you will find free walking tours of Liverpool – tours where you decide for yourself how much to reward the work and commitment of your guide! Free tours are the perfect way to visit cities for couples, families and small groups of friends. Join us and enjoy an unforgettable walk of Liverpool with us!

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