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Dublin – walks on the trail of local attractions

Dublin is a city with a rich and complex history. Its witnesses are well-preserved monuments and attractions that bring here travellers from around the world. On the tourist trail of the Irish capital there are both buildings erected in the 11th century and those built only a few decades ago. Visiting the city, you can learn more about the most important events, culture and customs that formed the modern face of Ireland. Find out what is worth seeing in Dublin.

Dublin – visiting the most important points on the city map

Monumental religious buildings in Dublin allow you to learn about the history of the city. Particularly noteworthy is the Christ Church Cathedral. The history of this place dates back to 1038. At that time the first wooden temple was erected. More than 100 years later, a stone cathedral was built, which today is one of the symbols of Dublin and of Ireland itself.

Even more important in local tradition is the Cathedral of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It was built in 1270 on the site of a wooden church. Today, it is the largest religious building in Ireland, which also bears the name of the national cathedral.

While visiting Dublin, don’t miss the city’s 12th century castle, which for centuries served as the center of English power on Irish soil. It now serves ceremonial and cultural functions.

Another jewel of the city is the Trinity College. It is the oldest college in the country and also a student campus, operating since 1592. The pride of the place is the Book of Kells Manuscript. It is one of the most valuable artifacts of the European Middle Ages. When visiting Trinity College, the university library is worth a look. Its decor exudes a unique atmosphere and brings to mind the Harry Potter books.

To learn more about the city’s more recent history, it is worth directing your steps towards the Central Post Office. It opened in 1818, and less than 100 years later became the centre of events of the Easter Rising and today stands as a symbol of Irish independence aspirations. Nearby is the iconic O’Connell Bridge, which is often depicted on Dublin postcards.

In search of the Irish spirit, the iconic Temple Bar district is not to be missed. It is known for its pubs and rich cultural offer. This is where the artistic heart of Dublin beats. Streets full of music and colourful facades attract both locals and tourists from all over the world.

Other places of interest include the Guinness Storehouse, the place where the famous dark Irish beer Guinness Stout is made. From there, you can direct your steps to the historic Jameson Distillery to learn the secrets of Irish whiskey production.

Free Walking Tour – Dublin with a local Walkative guide!

By European standards, Dublin is a relatively small capital city. This makes the city ideal for walking tours. It is worth walking around in the company of a Walkative guide! When joining free walking tours in Dublin, you will learn about the history of the city and a mass of interesting facts, you will also be able to see Dublin from the perspective of the locals. All you have to do to join our tours is to book a place through our website and show up at the meeting point. The walks do not have predetermined prices. It is entirely up to you to decide how much you will compensate the guide for his or her work!

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