The Best of Dublin – South Side Tour

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2,5 hours
English, Spanish (check the booking calendar for availability)
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Meeting point
Next to the Spire (the big needle) in the middle of O'Connell Street - look for a yellow umbrella.Go to map
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Dublin, just like its people, is ambiguous. At first glance, it is not the most handsome city you’ve ever seen, a place where signs of former greatness meet with the signs of former poverty. But give it a little time, and it will win you over just like its people – at first sarcastic and witty but warm, friendly and welcoming if you give them time. Welcome to one of the most curious capitals of the world, welcome to Dublin!  

The city, nestled on Ireland’s east coast, between the mountains and the mouth of the River Liffey, appeals to those who appreciate the beauty of nature. This safe bay was no doubt what attracted Danish Vikings who in the 9th century established one of their trading settlements here – at the time, referred to as Dúbh Linn meaning the Black Pond in Irish. Vikings resided here until the 12th century, when they were defeated by the Anglo-Normans. With time, England finally took over the entire island and Dublin grew to be the second-largest city in the British Empire and one of the biggest cities in Europe. In the 18th century when that happened, Dublin went through a spectacular transformation – fuelled by the economic growth the city was becoming more elegant than ever, attracting writers, thinkers, artists and musicians. But the time of prosperity was soon forgotten when in the 19th century Ireland and Dublin were struck by a number of disasters, culminating with the Irish Potato Famine. People of Ireland revolted against the English government a number of times, but it was only at the beginning of the 20th century when they successfully fought for independence. This however did not stop the bloodshed, but that is another story… 

Take a walk with us through the streets of the Irish capital to get the sense of its history and mentality of its people. We will take you on a journey through centuries, from the Roman times, when Dublin was called Hibernia, the land of winter, through the British occupation to liberation in the 20th century, finishing with stories of the recent remarkable transformation of the city and its inhabitants. We will get you acquainted with the most curious stories associated with Dublin. Starting at the Spire, the city’s most useless and visible monument, we will walk together across a unique bridge that’s wider than it is longer, discover how St. Patrick liberated the island from snakes that were never actually there, and find out why Ireland’s premier university – Trinity College – sued the creators of Star Wars movies. We will pass through the heart of entertainment life, the Temple Bar district, finishing by the least ‘castle-like’ castle of all the castles you have ever seen.

Join us on this outstanding Irish adventure and exploration of Dublin. We guarantee an extraordinary journey through the history and culture of the city and the nation, topped off with amusing anecdotes and delicious recommendations of Irish specialities! 

During this 2,5 hour tour, you will see and experience:

  • General Post Office

  • O’Connell Bridge

  • Trinity College (from College Green)

  • Temple Bar District

  • Christchurch Cathedral

  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral

  • Dublin Castle

Meeting Point
Next to the Spire (the big needle) in the middle of O'Connell Street - look for a yellow umbrella.

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North side tour with Sam

Rated 5.0 out of 5
5 months ago

Had a fabulous time on our tour. Really enjoyed learning the history of Dublin and the stories behind the iconic sites we had passed throughout our trip. Would recommend and would do again.

Victoria Shelby

Walking with James 22Nov 23

Rated 5.0 out of 5
5 months ago

Absolutely brilliant! Best way to enjoy and get intimate with this colourful city in a couple of short hours. Hats off to James he informed, educated and humoured us on the way. 60 years to the day of JFK, Ireland still gives to us. Well worthwhile and a pleasure to participate!

Ian Rogers

Amazing experience

Rated 5.0 out of 5
11 months ago

My friend and I had an amazing time! Gorgeous places and very well organised! Our tour guide James was awesome! :))


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