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Zakopane and its biggest attractions

Poland’s winter capital has for years been one of the most visited cities in the southern part of the country. If you are heading to the Polish Tatra Mountains, be sure to visit Zakopane and discover its most famous attractions. The city enchants tourists from all over the world, and its fans have included Franz Kafka, Joseph Conrad, Maria Skłodowska-Curie and John Paul II. This extraordinary place combines beautiful landscapes with unique highlander culture. Take a tour of Zakopane with us – we guarantee you will never forget it!

Zakopane – what is worth seeing during your trip?

The most famous place in Zakopane is undoubtedly Krupówki, the main street of the city. During the ski and tourist season, Krupówki is besieged by tourists looking for souvenirs and real highlander oscypek (smoked sheep cheese). There are also plenty of monuments, such as the Church of the Holy Family, the Tatra Museum or the Tatra Railway Station. At every step, we can also admire Zakopane’s famous wooden architecture, which delights Poles and foreigners alike.

One of the most famous characters associated with the town is Witkacy, who settled here in 1890. In Zakopane’s Pęksowy Brzyzek, you can visit the artist’s symbolic grave, and all over the city you can find traces of Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz’s artistic activity – on the slopes of Antałówka there is “Witkiewiczówka” villa, where his famous Portrait Company was located, in 15 Chramcówki Street there is the Witkacy Theatre, and in the City Park there is Witkacy’s bench.

Zakopane also offers beautiful views of the Tatra Mountains and a great base for hiking. It is also worth taking the time to get to know the unique culture and tradition of the Podhale highlanders – their music, handicrafts and lifestyle. During your stay in the city, it is also a must to see the Wielka Krokiew, the largest ski jumping hill in Poland, where many international sports events are held. For museum enthusiasts, we particularly recommend the Oscypek Museum, the Tatra Museum and the Karol Szymanowski Museum. The latter is located in the villa of the famous composer.

Lovers of religious buildings, on the other hand, should visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima, which is located in Zakopane’s Krzeptówki. The site includes a church, a chapel, the Fatima Park and the chapel of John Paul II. It was built as a votive offering for the Pope’s rescue after the 1981 assassination attempt.

Free walking tour – visit Zakopane with an experienced guide!

Your destination is Zakopane? Take a free walking tour, i.e. a guided tour with an experienced guide without a fixed price. When booking a place on a free Zakopane tour, it is you who decides how much you will pay for your guide’s knowledge and commitment. This is a perfect choice for small groups, families, couples and individual tourists. We provide plenty of attractions, a large dose of knowledge and an unforgettable walking tour. Zakopane is just one of the Polish cities you can visit with us. You can also find Walkative! guides in other Polish cities such as Lublin, Bydgoszcz, Warsaw, Krakow, Łódź, Toruń, Wrocław, Sopot, Gdańsk or Poznań.

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