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Highlights of Munich

Munich is located in southern Germany, in picturesque Bavaria. It is famous for its numerous historical monuments, beautiful architecture and the annual beer festival – Oktoberfest. What are Munich’s main attractions? First and foremost is the Marienplatz and the buildings clustered around it. This includes the old and the new town hall. Both are definitely worth seeing, but it is the latter that especially impresses the visitors. It is a monumental edifice in neo-Gothic style, with a soaring tower housing more than 40 bells and one of the oldest clock mechanisms in the world. The building has as many as six courtyards and covers such a large area that as many as 24 townhouses had to be demolished to begin its construction!

The Marienplatz is also home to the 17th-century Marian column and the Fischbrunnen fountain. It is here that Munich’s famous Weihnachtsmarkt – the traditional Christmas market – takes place every year. Nearby is the imposing St Mary’s Cathedral with its two towers that are almost 100 metres high and are towering over the city. In addition to the sights at Marienplatz, Munich’s three mediaeval city gates, the Isartor, Sendlinger Tor and Charles Gate, are also worth visiting. For those who like sacred art sights, a walk to the late Renaissance church of St. Michael and Munich’s oldest church, St. Peter’s, is recommended.

Tours of Munich – what shouldn’t you miss?

Other highlights of Munich include the Alter Hof, the complex of buildings remaining from the first residence of the Dukes of Bavaria. It currently consists of five buildings and one of them, the so-called Burgstock, houses the city museum. Another three buildings that will appeal to architecture enthusiasts are the baroque Nymphenburg Palace, the so-called Residence – the Mannerist palace of the Wittelsbachs, and the Maximilianeum, which now houses the Bavarian parliament.

If you love being surrounded by art, you will certainly be interested in the collections housed in Munich’s Glyptothek. This is a beautiful historicist style building, which houses the Museum of Ancient Art. You can admire here, among other things, a bust of Emperor Octavius Augustus, a sculpture known as Apollo of Tenea dating from the 6th century BC and a number of other monuments from ancient Greece and Egypt. Painting enthusiasts, on the other hand, are encouraged to visit the Old Pinakothek, which houses paintings by masters such as Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Bruegel, Canaletto, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael Santi, Rembrandt and Rubens.

Walkative! free walking tour – Munich with an experienced guide

If you are taking a trip to Munich but don’t want to explore it on your own, we have the perfect solution for you! An experienced guide from Walkative! will guide you through the city, showing you the most beautiful sights and telling you about its fascinating history. If you join a Walkative! free tour of Munich, you decide the price of the tour yourself. You choose how much you want to reward the enthusiasm, passion and commitment of your guide! A free walking tour of Munich with Walkative! will be the perfect choice for small groups – such as families or couples. To join it, all you have to do is sign up via our website! Planning to travel to other beautiful European cities? You can find us in Berlin, Dresden, Wroclaw, Gdansk and many more. We look forward to seeing you!

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Thank you, Lukasz and Matt for the brilliant tours!

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