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What is worth seeing in Bydgoszcz?

Bydgoszcz is a picturesque city located in the north of Poland. Tourists are attracted by its numerous historical monuments, beautiful waterfront and Mill Island, where you can enjoy spending time in the fresh air. The numerous boulevards, cascades and canals are a treat for nature lovers. If, during your holiday, you like to look out for architectural gems, you will surely be delighted by buildings from the belle époque period and the historic Old Town. So what are the main attractions of Bydgoszcz?

One of the most recognisable sights here are the Bydgoszcz’s granaries. These are former storage buildings where food and agricultural products were stored before being transported by water to Gdansk and Berlin. They are mainly located on the Brda and Młynówka rivers. Especially worth seeing is the beautiful White Granary with its Gothic cellar from the 15th century, as well as the imposing Dutch Granary from the 18th century. It now houses the Bydgoszcz Museum. Other historic granaries include the Mill Tavern on the Mill Island, the Red Granary on the Młynówka River, and St. Nicholas Church. Also worth seeing are the former grain mills – the Rothera Mills – which are now a cultural institution. These buildings often appear on Bydgoszcz postcards due to their characteristic half-timbered construction.

Bydgoszcz – tour of the city highlights

The magnificent buildings of the Eastern Railway Board and the Main Post Office are also worth seeing. The latter comes out particularly beautifully in photographs, as it is reflected in the Brda River flowing right next to it. As for other historic buildings, it is impossible not to mention Bydgoszcz’s Cathedral of St. Martin and Nicholas and the neo-Gothic Church of the Saviour. The 16th-century post-Bernardine Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Queen of Peace is also worth a visit. The city has also preserved fragments of its 15th century city walls with towers. The oldest and most interesting part is located in Pod Blankami Street.

When visiting Bydgoszcz, a trip to the aforementioned Wyspa Młyńska (Mill Island) is a must. In addition to several historic granaries, there is the so-called Bydgoszcz Venice there. It is a picturesque corner on the Młynówka River and one of the island’s main attractions. It consists of beautiful townhouses from the 19th century as well as boulevards and alleys stretching along the river. It is the perfect place for a romantic stroll or an interesting photo shoot. The townhouses are home to numerous cafés and wine bars, as well as the Bydgoszcz beer brewery. The island is also home to an old dye works and a refinery. Above all, however, you can relax here in the lap of nature, admiring the beautiful scenery.

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