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The Nicolaus Copernicus monument on the Old Town Market Square, next to the town hall tower; Look for the guide with yellow umbrella.Go to map

Have you heard about a crusader state funded in the North of Europe? It was established by the Teutonic knights, German crusaders when they still were active in the Middle East…. One of the first two towns in the newly conquered lands they founded was Torun. The town was growing quickly and becoming filled with many great buildings, such as big town hall, castle, churches and houses of wealthy merchants.

Do you want to find out more about:

  • Teutonic knights – their well-organized and wealthy state… and its gradual decline and final defeat by the inhabitants of Torun they had ruled over?

  • Merchant republic of Torun member of the Hanzeatic League – mighty alliance of Baltic and North sea merchant towns, challenging whole countries! Torun in 14-17 c. was a powerful city, a Northern equivalent of great merchant republics of the South, such as Milan, Florence and Venice

  • Nicholaus Copernicus – born in Torun, considered to be the first modern scientist

  • A harbour by the Vistula river – a highway of the old times through which thousands of ships were coming laden with grain and other freight which fed people in Western Europe

There is something more to the all above – gingerbread – Toruń old specialty.

Polish famous composer Fryderyk Chopin wrote to his friend after visiting Toruń in the summer 1825

“I have seen all the fortifications from all sides of the city, […] churches of gothic construction, founded by the Teutonic Knights […]. I saw the leaning tower, the famous town hall […] yet all of this does not surpass the gingerbread, oh that gingerbread!”

Do you want to walk and listen to these and other stories? It’s simple, just come and set off for a stroll together! A journey through many centuries and stories!


Meeting Point
The Nicolaus Copernicus monument on the Old Town Market Square, next to the town hall tower; Look for the guide with yellow umbrella.

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