Bydgoszcz Private Tour

135 EUR
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135 EUR
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Bydgoszcz Guided Tour

A private tour is a great opportunity for people who have limited time and cannot join our regular FREE walking TOURs or simply prefer staying in a small group of friends.

It is you who chooses when the tour should start and what should be its topic. If you are not sure what do you want to visit during the tour, let us know and we will help you plan the tour that fits best your needs and interests.

Contact us in order to get more information about our private offer including prices, dates and booking rules.

What is more, you do not have to worry about finding the guide at the meeting point – they can meet you in any place in the city or pick you up from your hotel. You don’t have to follow our strict schedule of regular tours, we can make a tour according to your needs.

Let us know what kind of group are you (students, school group, seniors, group of friends, group of colleagues on a business trip, etc.) and what are your interests and we will do our best to prepare for you a tour that fits your needs and expectations.


We can arrange private tours for you in different languages:




Every group or visitor that comes to us has different needs, interests, and expectations. Because of that, we treat every one of them individually to make sure that our services will meet their expectations. If your time is limited and you would like to try more than one tour or you would like to see something else, let us know and we will prepare a tailor-made tour for you. The final price can be varied. It will depend on the language and duration of your tour.

Contact us in order to get more information about our private offer including prices, dates and booking rules.

We kindly ask you to book private or group tours in advance, otherwise, we cannot guarantee that a guide will be available.

This is a private tour. You can book any date without a set hour, we will contact you and determine the starting time that suits you.

Highly recommend:)

Rated 5.0 out of 5
8 months ago

On October 21, 2023 I took a guided tour with Mr. Jędrzej (in English). It was very good: interesting and informative. We visited all main sightseeings in the Old Town district, got Polish and Bydgoszcz history overview, claimed on top of the picturesque viewpoint, and got many recommendations what to do to discover Bydgoszcz more. Highly recommended! Gorąco polecam:)


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Rated 5.0 out of 5
10 months ago

Recently, I took a guided tour through the old town of Bydgoszcz, and it was an enlightening experience. Our guide was knowledgeable and passionate, weaving tales of history, art, and culture. There were not so much people there, and I could ask any question I was interested in and get the answer. The tour lasted about an hour, the route was not long at all, so I didn’t feel exhausted in the end of the tour. A highly recommended experience for anyone visiting Bydgoszcz!


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