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1 hour 45 minutes
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Meeting point
San Juan de Dios square. Look for the pink umbrella.Go to map

From the breathtaking views from the Torre Tavira, to the golden beaches of La Caleta and the vibrant local markets brimming with Andalusian flavours, Cadiz is a true gem waiting to be admired. Don’t miss the chance to discover with us its rich heritage, welcoming atmosphere, and all that makes Cadiz an unforgettable destination!

Being over 3,000 years old, Cadiz is known as the oldest continuously inhabited city in Western Europe. With a strong maritime tradition and bustling port, it has long been an important centre for trade, connecting Europe to the wider world. It played a pivotal role from its beginnings as a Phoenician settlement to its significance as the gateway to the New World for explorers like Christopher Columbus. Cadiz experienced a surge in wealth when the centre for colonial trade was transferred here from Seville, and it is still visible in the opulent architecture and historic buildings. It is also famous for its annual Carnival, an exuberant celebration showcasing the city’s rich cultural heritage and love for life. But the most fascinating thing about this city is that it still remains a living place, where locals go about their daily lives, adding a unique charm to the ancient town.

Our tour of Cadiz will begin at the San Juan de Dios square, in front of the majestic City Hall. It will take you then to the fascinating El Pópulo neighbourhood, one of the oldest in town, where history and tradition magically intertwine. It will continue along Campo del Sur, also known as ‘Little Havana,’ filled with colourful buildings that echo the Cuban landscapes, and stand as a testament to the city’s long connection with the New World. We will admire the most important city churches: the symbol of Cadiz’s mediaeval history – St Cruz Church and the magnificent Cadiz Cathedral. We will also discover the ancient Roman Theater, one of the largest ever built in the Roman Empire. The remnants of this grand structure provide a fascinating glimpse into Cadiz’s Roman past. The tour will then take you towards the quaint Flower Square and continue to the bustling Central Market, where the city’s culinary heart beats. You can find here an array of fresh local produce and try some traditional tapas for an authentic taste of Cadiz. During the tour you will also see the Cruz Verde Square, a charming plaza surrounded by colourful houses and adorned with a beautiful tiled fountain and the nearby La Palma Church, with its elegant Baroque façade. It will finish at the picturesque La Caleta Beach, known for its stunning sunsets and historical bathhouses – the perfect place to unwind and soak in the warmth of Cadiz.

Join us on our exploration of Cadiz, one of Europe’s oldest cities. Our tour provides a glimpse into its intriguing past and dynamic present, trying to encapsulate the essence of this charming city!

During this 2 hours tour you will see and discover:

  • El Pópulo neighbourhood

  • Campo del Sur (Little Havana)

  • Saint Cruz Church

  • Roman Theater

  • Cádiz Cathedral

  • Flower Square

  • Central Market

  • Cruz Verde Square

  • La Palma Church

  • La Caleta Beach

  • and much, much more!

Meeting Point
San Juan de Dios square. Look for the pink umbrella.

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