Albaicin and Sacramonte Tour

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Basic Information
Total time
2,5 hours
English, Spanish (check the booking calendar for availability)
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Meeting point
Plaza Nueva, right next to the fountain. Look for the red umbrella.Go to map
Ending point
Cuesta del Chapiz
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The Albaicín, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a maze of narrow streets lined with whitewashed houses and vibrant gardens. As the ancient Moorish quarter, it reflects Granada’s medieval past. However, the arrival of the Spanish Inquisition marked a turning point for Granada. The once harmonious coexistence of Muslims, Christians, and Jews was shattered, and religious tensions escalated. As a result, mosques were gradually transformed into churches, and the neighborhoods lost their unique atmosphere, along with their Jewish and Muslim communities.

The Sacromonte neighborhood, nestled on the slopes of Valparaíso hill right next to Albaicín, is known for its unique cave houses and flamenco heritage. Here, visitors can explore the intriguing history of the Roma community who inhabited these caves and played a significant role in the development of Granada’s flamenco culture.

The tour begins at the bustling Plaza Nueva and continues with a walk along the picturesque Paseo de los Tristes, a promenade beside the Darro River. Then, the tour ventures into the Albaicín quarter. Here, you’ll explore the Aljibes, historical water cisterns that demonstrate the ingenious hydraulic systems of the Moors. The next stop is the Placeta del Comino and the Mirador de San Nicolás with breathtaking panoramic views of the Alhambra – a stunning palace and fortress complex that exemplifies Moorish architecture in Spain. After taking in the vista, the tour continues to the Cruz de Rauda, an intriguing crossroads of cultures.

The journey through the neighboring Sacromonte district includes a walk along the Camino del Sacromonte, where you’ll learn about the history of cave houses, flamenco culture, and the impact of the Spanish Inquisition on Granada’s diverse society. Discover the story of Chorrojumo, the enigmatic king of the gypsies, who contributed to Granada’s rich cultural heritage.

During this 2,5 hours tour you will see and discover:

  • Plaza Nueva

  • Paseo de los Tristes

  • Aljibes of the Albaicín

  • Placeta del Comino

  • San Nicolás viewpoint

  • Cruz de Rauda

  • Camino del Sacromonte

  • Chorrojumo

Meeting Point
Plaza Nueva, right next to the fountain. Look for the red umbrella.

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