Sheva’s The Making of Modern Mostar: A Century of Transformation and Conflict

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2 hours
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Meeting point
In front of the Hamam Museum in the Old Town.Go to map
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Are you curious about Mostars recent history? Do you want to hear more about how the Austro-Hungarian period (1878 – 1918), Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and our modern state of Bosnia and Herzegovina evolved? Or perhaps you are wondering how the wars of the last century (WWI, WWII, and recent wars of the 1990s) impacted and shaped the development of our beautiful city and region, the scars of which can still be seen on our landscape? 

Join us for Shevas Making of Modern Mostar! This walking tour focuses upon the last 150 years of history – a time period that was equally transformative and tumultuous and gave shape to and resulted in the independent state of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992. Mostar has a long and varied history, the layers of which can be seen through the monuments, memorials, and architecture that makes up its urban landscape. Shevas Making of Modern Mostar Walking Tour will explore the less visited areas outside of the Old Town and which help to narrate the story of the last 150 years. 

Hear the most recent history from those who experienced and were impacted by it firsthand, having spent their childhood as a Yugoslav and come of age in an independent Bosnia and Herzegovina on the brink of war. Learn how peace was established with the brokering of the Dayton Peace Accords in 1995 and come to understand the current socio-economic condition of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well the country’s political set-up and demographic make-up.

On this 2-hour tour, we will visit: 

  • Hamam

  • Examples of Austro-Hungarian Development

  • Site of Former Hotel Ruža

  • Local Neighborhoods

  • Yugoslav Monument

  • Bulevar (frontline)

  • Spanish Square

  • Glass Bank

  • Old Gymnasium

  • Šantića Street

  • Austro-Hungarian Bath House

  • Hotel Neretva

  • Musala Square

  • Razvitak

  • National Theater

  • Šehitluci

  • Šantića Park

Meeting Point
In front of the Hamam Museum in the Old Town.

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