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2 h 30 min
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Meeting point
At Fonte dos Leões, in front of Porto's University. Look for white umbrella!Go to map
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The colourful city of Porto settled beautifully on a steep banks of the river Douro, right at the Atlantic coast, enchants everyone with its marvellous views, pastel painted houses with terracotta roofs, facades covered with azulejos, unique character of its people, the taste of port wine and exceptional cuisine. All that topped with a young and bohemian spirit creates the most charming atmosphere that will make your stay here unforgettable! 

Porto’s life has always been linked to the sea. It were the Romans who called it Portus Cale (and that is where the name of the country, Portugal, originates), till the present day the locals call it Oporto, meaning “the port”. For centuries, it was known as a city of shipbuilders and a place from where many Portuguese sea expeditions would depart. It was from the port of Porto, his birthplace, that prince Henry the Navigator set out to conquer Northern Africa at the beginning of the 15th century, thus launching the Portuguese Age of Discoveries. Because of the high demand of meat for the sailors, all that remained for the people of Porto were leftovers. And so they started to be called “tripe eaters”. Although those days are long gone, tripe is to this day a traditional dish here. The city of Porto is inhabited by specific people – friendly but very straight. In Portugal, they even say that the people of Porto are a separate nation. For centuries, it was a working class that mostly prevailed here. The untamed city’s character pierces through its history – it was here that the liberal revolution against the monarchy started, and when the monarchy set out to punish it, its people stood bravely and resisted an 18-month siege. That is why Porto is often called an “unvanquished city”. The revolution that started here changed not only the city but the entire Portugal and eventually led to the overthrow of the monarchy at the beginning of the 20th century. That’s a piece of history you shouldn’t miss!   

Take a walk with us through the steep streets of Porto to learn about pivotal moments in both the city’s and the country’s history, and to see its most iconic sights. Starting from the Fonte dos Leões and the University we will show you many facades and interiors covered with azulejos, hand-painted tiles, including those in the incredible São Bento train station, where they cover entire walls and show scenes from Portugal’s history. We will lead the way to one of the most magical bookshops in the world – Livraria Lello, one that inspired JK Rowling to write her Harry Potter books. Walking down towards the banks of Douro river we will see the city’s landmarks, among them the Torre dos Clérigos and the Porto Cathedral. We will delight in the beautiful views from the Vitoria viewpoint, from where you will be able to see the city, the river and the bridges not only connecting its banks, but also (surprisingly) connecting Porto with France. We will introduce you to the many local customs and traditions, especially food and wine related. Our tour will give you a chance to soak in the vibe of Porto which, despite being 2 thousand years old, feels young and energetic, in many places covered with amazing street art and famous for its great night-life. Come and join us in the exploration of the fascinating city of Porto! 

During this 2,5 hour tour, you will see and experience:

  • Clerigos Tower

  • São Bento Station

  • Cathedral of the Sé – the Porto Cathedral

  • Ribeira Bridge Luis I

  • Aliados Avenue

  • Lello and Irmão Bookstore

  • University of Porto

  • Porto City Council

  • Rua de las Flores – charming shopping street

  • Mirante de la Vitoria – Vitoria viewpoint 

  • Cordoaria Square

  • Chain of Relationship

  • … and much, much more

Meeting Point
At Fonte dos Leões, in front of Porto's University

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Entertaining, well-organized, heartful

Rated 5.0 out of 5
7 months ago

Felipe not only knows a lot about Porto’s and general history, but also manages to get YOU interested about it. The tour is very extensive and pretty intense, yet suitable for a broad audience. In short: highly recommended


Very cool tour!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
1 year ago

Very detailed and full of tips tour owned by Gianfranco. I discovered using walkative website and I really enjoyed a lot. Thanks man for this nice tour!


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