Sunset in Rome: An evening tour

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Our most picturesque tour! Combining the tranquillity of Rome’s beloved park and the elegance of its most iconic palaces and squares, spiced up with some unparalleled views.
Total time
~ 2 hours
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Meeting point
Steps of Santa Maria del Popolo next to Porta del Popolo - look for the yellow umbrella!Go to map
Ending point
Piazza Barberini
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Walkative Rome


Welcome to one of the Eternal City’s most picturesque tours! Perfectly capturing the artistry and tranquillity of Rome’s beloved park as well as the elegance and sophistication of its most iconic palaces and squares, spiced up with some unparalleled views. Experience a serene evening stroll through a city bathed in the fading glow of the sunset and let the magic of Rome speak for itself!

Our walk begins at Piazza del Popolo, historically the northern gateway to the city and a portal to modern Rome. From this square three main arteries—Via del Corso, Via del Babuino, and Via di Ripetta—radiate. From the Piazza we will climb up to Pincio Hill. Get ready for some effort, but expect a magnificent reward! The views from Pincio Terrace are simply unparalleled, offering a spectacular panorama of Rome’s famous landmarks, especially beautiful when illuminated by the setting sun’s amber hues. Next we will wander into the Villa Borghese Gardens, Rome’s most cherished park and an open-air art gallery rich with sculptures, fountains, temples, and even an artificial lake! We will see, among other, the still-functioning water clock, first presented at the Paris Exposition in the late 19th century and installed in the Villa Borghese a few years later. Strolling through these lush gardens, surrounded by Mediterranean flora, we will reach a second vantage point offering yet another sweeping view of the city. Our tour will then lead us past Villa Medici, the elegant Renaissance palace that once confined the famous astronomer Galileo, to the top of the Spanish Steps, thus marking our return to the vibrant, elegant heart of Rome. We will end our tour at Piazza Barberini which in the 18th century marked the city boundary. The square adorned by two fountains, one designed by the famous Gian Lorenzo Bernini, is dedicated to the mighty Barberini family whose crest, bees, can be seen everywhere here. 

This route, besides the magnificent views, will be a perfect setting for discussing 18th century Rome’s evolution into a modern metropolis, known for its vibrant public spaces, parks, and museums. It will also be a tale of the many influential families whose legacies shaped the city and inspired the world at large. 

Join us and experience the tranquil yet vibrant atmosphere of Rome as the sun sets, painting the city in glorious colours and bringing its rich history to life. After all, as Pier Paolo Pasolini, famous Italian writer and film director once said, looking at the sunset in Rome is like gazing at eternity. 

During this 2 hours tour you will see and discover:

  • Piazza del Popolo

  • Pincio Hill and Terrace

  • Villa Borghese’s water clock

  • Villa Borghese viewing point

  • Villa Medici

  • Trinità dei Monti Church

  • Spanish Steps and Piazza di Spagna

  • Piazza Barberini

Meeting Point
Santa Maria del Popolo in Piazza del Popolo

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