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2 hours
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Plaza del Salvador, you will find the guide with a blue umbrella of OWAY ToursGo to map
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Torre del Oro

Legend has it that Seville was founded by Heracles himself. While performing one of his twelve labours, he was to reach present-day Andalusia and erect columns there with the maxim “Non plus ultra” – there is nothing further… During the nearly three thousand years of its existence, the city was under the influence of many different civilizations: the Phoenicians, the Romans, the different Arab caliphates to be finally captured in the thirteenth century by the Castilians as part of the Reconquista. It became a true cultural melting pot, where Moorish architecture and Arab culture seamlessly blended with Christianity. To this day, the city impresses with its explosive mix of influences from around the world. But Seville’s true golden age began with the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. He proved the mythical Heracles wrong! From the 16th century, the phrase “Non plus ultra” was replaced by another – “Plus Ultra”. – “Further beyond!” which had been on the Spanish flag since then. The city became literally the window to the world for the Spanish Empire and its main port – everyone and everything that sailed to the New World or came back from there had to pass through the Seville port. This meant only one thing – unimaginable wealth of the orange-scented capital of Andalusia, which then became one of the most powerful cities of Western Europe! 

Join us on a walking tour of Spain’s most important colonial city. Seville’s 16th-century wealth can be seen at every turn. Our walk will make you understand the decision of the creators of the TV series Game of Thrones, who chose this city as the setting for many episodes. During the walk you will see the Alcázar, the royal residence, which is still inhabited by the Spanish royal family (when it is not open to tourists, of course). We will also see the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, built on the foundations of a gigantic mosque from the times before the Reconquista, which today reigns supreme over the city. It is here that Christopher Columbus is buried (although there are other hypotheses…). We will also visit an absolutely must-see in Seville – Plaza España – built especially for the EXPO in 1929. If you have to pick one place for a postcard picture of Seville, it’s this square! With us, you’ll get to know this intoxicating city where ancient splendor, opulence of palaces and churches mixes with modern joie de vivre, flamenco, tapas and festivals famous throughout Spain!

During this 2 hours tour you will see and discover:

  • Alcazar of Seville – the royal palace

  • the largest gothic cathedral in the world, Giralda

  • Plaza Espana, the most known city’s landmark

  • the University located in the old Tobacco Factory

  • Torre del Oro – the Golden Tower

  • General Archive of the Indies

  • ..and much, much more!

Meeting Point
Plaza del Salvador, you will find the guide with a blue umbrella of OWAY Tours

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