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2 hours 30 minutes
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Meeting point
At the steps in front of the Opera House, left side, Skenderbej square. Look for the guide with the "Tirana Free Tour" blue badge.Go to map
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Embark on a fascinating journey through the heart of Albania’s colourful capital, Tirana. From the remnants of its communist era to its rapid transformation into a bustling modern city, Tirana’s unique blend of history, art, and culture will leave you captivated.

The tour begins at Skanderbeg Square, named after the national hero who fought against the Ottomans for Albania’s freedom. As the city’s central hub, the square is surrounded by a mix of modern and historic architecture like Et’hem Bey Mosque, Opera House or the Clock Tower and the impressive National Historical Museum. Among the others, the Museum hosts the exhibit dedicated to the most famous Albanian, Mother Teresa – born in Skopje, today’s North Macedonia, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate known for her humanitarian work as a catholic nun. She remains a symbol of compassion and national pride.

Continuing we’ll explore the area around BUNK’ART 2, a former communist-era bunker transformed into a contemporary art space. It is the best place to learn about Albania’s dark past as one of the most isolated and repressive regimes in Europe often compared to North Korea, and its transformation into a creative hub. The topic of Albanian communism is long and complicated, so in order to understand it, we recommend joining the Tirana Communist Tour  after this tour. Our next stop will be the Pyramid of Tirana, an architectural marvel that serves as a testament to the city’s tumultuous past. Originally intended as a museum dedicated to the former communist dictator Enver Hoxha, the Pyramid now stands as a symbol of Tirana’s resilience and transformation. Finally, we’ll stroll through the lively Block district, once an exclusive enclave for communist elites, now a bustling area filled with bars, cafes, and restaurants. Our guides will introduce you to the vibrant atmosphere of this unique place, where you can feel the pulse of modern Tirana and dive into its nightlife. You might even hear the sounds of Dua Lipa, an Albanian-British singer and songwriter who has taken the international music scene by storm.

During this 2 hours 30 minutes tour you will see and discover:

  • Skanderbeg Square

  • Et’hem Bey Mosque

  • National History Museum

  • The Clock Tower

  • BUNK’ART 2

  • Pyramid of Tirana

  • House of Leaves

  • Blloku District

  • …and much more!

Meeting Point
At the steps in front of the Opera House, left side, Skenderbej square. Look for the guide with the "Tirana Free Tour" blue badge.

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