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Prague Old Town, Jewish Quarter & Charles Bridge
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2 h 45 min
Meeting point
Powder Tower at Namesti Republiky, Red Umbrella with big white 100 written on it
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This tour is organized in cooperation with our local partner, 100 Spires City Tours!

  • Meeting Point: Powder Tower at Namesti Republiky, Red Umbrella with big white 100 written on it
  • Start Time: Participants are expected to show up 15 min before the start time.
  • Language: English
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“I see a great city whose glory will touch the stars” said once a princess standing on a rock and thus Prague was born. The prophecy came true and the city today is not only reaching for the stars with the many church towers (hence it is known as the “city of hundred spires”) but it is one of the brightest stars of Europe. A place you simply cannot miss.

Geographically and politically Prague sits in the very heart of the old continent. Built on the riverside it was developing as a seat of dukes and gaining its fame as a bustling trading city which attracted many merchants, traders and bankers from all over Europe. All this gave it it’s multi-ethnic character with important Czech and German population, being also known for one of the oldest Jewish settlements in Europe. In the 14th century Prague became the seat of the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation and grew to be the third biggest and most important city in Europe giving its way only to Rome and Constantinople. Once the city of alchemists and scientists, revolutionists, musicians and writers is still inspiring many.

Set on the winding banks of Vltava river Prague boasts some of the most splendid bridges you can imagine, including the elegant Charles Bridge that has been used continuously for the past 600 years. It is a place where you can witness almost 1000 years of architectural and urban changes with wonderful examples of romanesque, gothic, baroque, art nouveau and cubist buildings. With its old gates and bridges, narrow cobbled streets, the cathedral whose creation spanned over almost 600 years, the oldest astronomical clock that is still working and many other wonders, visit to the Czechs capital makes it totally unforgettable. 

And did we mention beer? Not yet? Well, there is beer… and there is beer in Prague, a completely different level of experience. After all, it was the Czechs who invented lager. 

Join our tour to discover the atmosphere of Prague, learn its history and secrets with local, licensed tour guides from 100 Spires City Tour.

Meeting Point
Powder Tower at Namesti Republiky, Red Umbrella with big white 100 written on it.

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