Valletta Food Tour

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Meeting point
Valletta City Gate (Look out for the yellow umbrella and guide with yellow shirt!)Go to map
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The best and most enjoyable way to learn about foreign culture is by getting to know its cuisine, no doubt about that! The food can tell us much about the culture, people and history of the place we visit. So if we were to describe maltese food in one word, that word would be – fusion. Just like the history of Malta, it exhibits the mixture of different influences that once were significant on the island. Over the centuries Italian, Spanish, African, Arab and finally English cuisine had an impact on what is traditionally eaten here. Apart from that, being right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea naturally gives Malta the abundance of fresh seafood. There is also one more factor to consider: Malta is an extremely religious place – so it’s no surprise that the catholic rhythm of life, festivals and fasting periods impacted the local cuisine as well.

Food is big on the island and some of the local delicacies are quite calorical, to put it mildly. On the other hand because of Malta’s sometimes stormy history there was a need for simple and cheap food – that is why you can find here lots of vegetables and all kinds of soups. What else? Because of its proximity, traditional maltese food is strongly influenced by Italian cuisine. This is visible for example in the popularity of open sandwiches with delicious toppings including olive oil, tomatoes, tuna, olives or pastizzi (sort of savoury cake) with different fillings. Amazing bread can also be spread with the local specialty: bigilla (bean paste with garlic) known and eaten in Malta forever! One of the most popular street foods is also a pie filled with dorado fish and various additives, vegetables and herbs. Octopus and rabbit are popular and eaten in all kinds of ways. There are many different kinds of local cheeses made of goat or sheep milk. Cakes and sweets clearly indicate the times when Malta was in Arab hands (oh those heavenly tasty date cakes!). 

Well, we think we will stop right here not to torture you any longer. Join our tour to experience and taste it all! During our 3 hour walking tour we will be strolling through Valletta, talking and indulging in local delicacies like pastizzi, bigilla, maltese cheeselet and watering it down gently with local soft drinks or beers. All that to get to know Malta and its identity better! Your guide will also provide vital information and tips on where to eat and shop for local products. 

Please note that the samples we try may vary depending on the day, availability, opening of local shops and eateries. But rest assured that you will need no lunch after the tour and your stomach will be pleasantly full! 

Meeting Point
Valletta City Gate (Look out for the yellow umbrella and guide with yellow shirt!)

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